Builder and Contractors

Optimize project management for builders and contractors with comprehensive software solutions that integrate financial management, team collaboration, material management, manufacturing, and more all in one central environment.

Save time, mitigate miscommunications, and increase profitability by up to 25%, with highly-effective ECAB software that allows you to easily showcase and sell storage options with an easy-to-use software interface that simplifies the day-to-day.

Why Builders & Contractors Choose ECAB?

ECAB software solutions offer builders and contractors access to advanced software integration that saves time with automated workflows and improves visibility across teams through integrated software platforms.The software platform gives builders greater control and maximizes every job opportunity.


Less time spent on managing service agreements


Increace in recuring jobs


Avarage revenue increace when using sales proposal

Build as a Team with Ease

Build as a Team with Ease

Enhance your storage offerings and increase team efficiency with align your team to optimize project visibility.

Deliver a High Standard of Customer Service

Deliver a High Standard of Customer Service

Improve customer relationships, increase project turnaround times, and boost revenue with ECAB customer management and accountability tools that impress customers with enhanced project progress tracking and communication.

Generate More Business

Generate More Business

Increase average job revenue by selling more products and empowering customers with access to detailed project proposals and designs with versatile options and choices that meet budget and unique project requirements.

Embrace Centralization

Embrace Centralization

Connect every area of your business through one central platform from marketing tools to financial modules, enable real-time updates and mobile access that allows you run your business like a well-oiled machine.


What is ECAB Solutions’s Builder Software?

ECAB is a centralized management software that provides builders with full customizable functionality options that allow users to increase product and service offering. The advanced solution gives builders the ability to run their business seamlessly with preprogrammed workflows, ultimately facilitating growth through integration and automation.

Grow Your Business

Unlock efficiencies with intuitive software features that allow you to eliminate time-intensive administrative tasks. ECAB allows you to provide and price designs online in minutes, creating automated schedules immediately, so you can make a great first impression with your customers while also instantly giving your teams the information they need to proceed with each project. As you increase your bottom line and expand your customer base, your ECAB software can scale up to match your growth.

See what ECAB can do for Builders with a 30-Day Free Trial.



What’s builder software?

Fully customizable for builders, ECAB is a management software that enables you to offer extra products and services
easily to your customers while running it on autopilot.

With ECAB, you can scale and grow your business faster when integrating it with your website

How can builder software contribute to my revenue?

ECAB is the most efficient way to grow your field service business. Provides designs and pricing in minutes and reviews schedules on hand creating a great first impression.

Service providers that use ECAB increase their revenue by 22% on average! They not only run their business more efficiently but also boost their reputation, impress customers, and keep them coming back.

Is ECAB accessible through the internet?

Yes, ECAB is a web-based software program that can be accessed everywhere and at anytime.

Communicate with customers directly and provide quick and accurate proposals. Easy and user-friendly software.

We offer support through our portal and by reaching out to our customer service.

Is ECAB free to use?

ECAB is completely free during the 30-day free trial. Start using it without a credit card, we guarantee you’ll love it.



ECAB software makes life a breeze, with an intuitive interface that even the most novice user can navigate effortlessly!

Janialla H.

We love how easy it is to input your measurements for the software to generate several designs in minutes. Makes the planning and selling that much quicker.

Paul R.

Customers are happy to receive a complete design package together with pricing during their initial meeting. They love that they don’t need to wait for us to get back to them in a few days. Have...

Sarah & Ted M.

We are receiving more project demands since we signed up with ECAB Solutions. Customers are impressed and like the fact that they get to see more than one solution together with pricing with a quick...

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